SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)


  • SOA Concepts
  • Why SOA ?
  • Business Benefits of SOA.
  • what to download and from where for SOA 11g Installation
  • Identify standards that enable SOA – WSDL, UDDI, SOAP
  • Review Service Component Architecture (SCA)
  • Describe Oracle SOA Suite 11g components

Orchestrating Services with BPEL

  • Define a composite application
  • Describe SOA Composite Editor
  • Explain BPEL Components activities and partner Links

Synchronous and Asynchronous BPEL Processes

  • Orchestrating Services with BPEL
  • What does synchronous mean
  • What does asynchronous mean. What is WS-Addressing standard

Fault Handling in BPEL

  • Describe Exception Handling in Composite Applications
  • Describe the Fault Management Framework and its limitations.
  • Describe Compensation handling within a BPEL process
  • Describe Correlation concepts
  • Using Sensors

Business Rules

  • Explain business rules concepts
  • Describe the Oracle Business Rules architecture
  • Describe Oracle Rules Engine
  • Create a rules with the Jdeveloper Rules Designer
  • Integrate a simple rule with a BPEL Process

Introduction to Binding Components

  • Describe the various binding components - Web service, HTTP, JCA, ADF, Direct
  • Describe adapter concepts and framework
  • Describe Technology adapters: File, Database, JMS, etc
  • Describe Applications Adapters Ebiz suite etc

Service Bus concepts - OSB and Mediator

  • Differentiating the use cases when to use BPEL, OSB or Mediator
  • Explain the Mediator component and its features
  • Define business events and the Event Delivery Network (EDN)
  • Create and configure a Mediator service component

Monitoring and managing SOA 11g Deployment

  • Describe Deploy and Un-deploy SOA Composite application
  • Describe Management of SOA Composite application using the Enterprise Manager
  • Describe Deployment using ANT
  • Describe Configuration Plans for deploying to different environment using single codebase

Advanced Topics

  • Transactions
  • Email Setup in UMS
  • Validating input for a composite.
  • Adding Preferences to a composite that allow change after deployment