OAF (Oracle Application Framework)

Introduction to OAF

  • Understanding OAF Architecture
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment
  • MVC
  • Implementing a Search, Create, Update, Delete

Overview of JDeveloper

  • Features of JDEV
  • Building OAF application in JDev
  • Configuring JDeveloper Preferences

Basics of Model and controller

  • Basics of BC4J
  • Understanding EO, VO, AM, CO
  • Extending CO

Event Flow

  • Controller Event Flow
  • GET
  • POST

Naming Conventions

  • General Naming Rules
  • Package Naming, Page and Region Naming, Item Naming

Error Handling

  • Exception types and Classes
  • Bundled exceptions
  • Dialogue page
  • Debugging messages

PPR (Partial Page Rendering)

  • Using PPR
  • Benefits of PPR


  • Types of Extension
  • Overriding Default Values.
  • Overriding Attribute Validation.

Deploying OAF Application

  • Creating Deployment Profiles
  • Deploying Model
  • Deploying View and Controller